We Obtain the Results You Need

Our track record speaks for itself. Throughout our years in practice, we have helped many injury victims obtain justice for utter negligence performed on another person's account. As our insights and experience both grow with each case, our legal abilities continue to evolve for the better. We have repeatedly succeeded in securing maximum settlements and verdicts for that reason. Take a look at some of our previous case results to see what we are capable of.

  • $550,000 Settlement
    T-Bone Collision Two leg surgeries, one hand surgery (bills only approximately $30,000). 50,000 daughter-driver loss of consortium claim with only 2,000 in medical bills.
  • $362,500 Settlement
    Pedestrian Accident Client sitting on side walk, leg on the road and ran over by car. Client needed two leg surgeries (bills approximately $25,000).
  • $300,000 Settlement
    Rear-End Accident A small brain bleed diagnosed approximately a week after a rear-end accident. Only 30,000 thousand in approximate bills.
  • $200,000 Settlement
    Rear-End Accident Cervical discectomy and fusion, after rear-end collision.
  • $100,000 settlement
    Pedestrian Accident Pedestrian in crosswalk. 30,000 in bills with neurologist and neuropsychologist.
  • $100,000 Policy Limit
    T-Bone Collision 20,000 in medical bills, hospital visit and neuropsychologist treatment.
  • $50,000 Settlement
    Personal Injury A pot of coffee spilled on patron's back at restaurant chain.